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Governance Arrangements

The Institute is governed by a Board. The majority of the members of the Board are judges who are assisted by representatives from the legal profession, the community and academia. The members of the Governing Board are:

  • Justice Stephen Kós, President of the Court of Appeal
  • Justice Winkelmann - Chair
  • Justice Joe Williams
  • Chief District Court Judge Jan-Marie Doogue
  • Judge Barbara Morris
  • Judge Craig Coxhead
  • Tania Ott, Director Higher Courts
  • Professor Mark Henaghan, University of Otago
  • Assoc Professor Winnie Laban, Victoria University
  • Paul Radich, Barrister, Clifton Chambers

The work of the Governing Board is to ensure that the Institute of Judicial Studies is delivering education of the highest quality. In this task it is assisted by a number of committees which manage the education needs of each Court. The following committees have been established:

  • Higher Courts Education Committee
  • Employment Court Education Committee
  • District Court Education Committee
  • Māori Land Court Education Committee
  • Family Court Education Committee
  • Youth Court Education Committee
  • Environment Court Education Committee

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